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What are Dome Decals?

A domed decal is a screenprinted, diecut decal with a crystal clear polyurethane top coat. This polyurethane 'dome' adds a 3-Dimensional look to the decal and enhances the imprinting while providing extra protection.
Domed Decal Illustration
Benefits of domed decals over other types of decals:
When the decal is coated with the poured urethane, it is now waterproof, weatherproof, rustproof, as well as resistant to scratches, fading, salt, acid, oil, and chemicals. It is also self healing to minor scratches and cuts. Our Domed Decals can be used on products that are exposed to usage and the elements and still keep their clean appearance over time.
Ordering is Easy

Domed Decals
Choose your Base Material
Select from White, Chrome or Matte Silver.

Domed Decals
Choose your Ink Colors
Standard Colors or Pantone color matches available. See Product Options for selections.

Domed Decals
Choose your Shape
Pick one of our Standard Shapes or create you own Custom Shape (Custom shapes must be simple shapes; we can guide you on shape selection).

Domed Decals
Attach your Artwork or have our designers create artwork for you. After your electronic proof is approved, production will begin on your decals.

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